I imagine that January 6, 2021 will indeed be a day we remember when, where, and how we heard news that shook us to the core, the invasion of the U.S. Capitol. I watched the violence and vandalism by rioters in disbelief. I could not gather my thoughts through the afternoonContinue Reading

On the first Sunday of Advent, I reach for my purple stole to begin my favorite season of the Christian year. I must savor these moments because they will pass quickly. Advent ends just as it’s beginning. Four Sundays I will speak on the themes of waiting and exile, repentanceContinue Reading

Come away from the rancor for a few moments, my friend. In the lines that follow, I make no argument and I offer no commentary regarding the disputes surrounding our presidential election. My invitation and my appeal is entirely different in these divisive times. I invite you to seek theContinue Reading

Hello again, my friend. If you’re reading these words, you definitely qualify as a committed reader of my blog. It’s been exactly 1,114 days since I last posted an article on KnoxPriest. I’m grateful to have you back. It’s good to be writing in this space again. So what happened?Continue Reading

Why does it seem that every new autumn is shorter than the last? The distance between summer’s end and the advent of winter narrows as one ages. It’s a difficult reality because for many, myself included, autumn is their favorite season of the year. The first stretch of chilly nightsContinue Reading