In my final year of seminary, I served as a pastoral intern at a wonderful nonprofit organization called Greensboro Urban Ministry. Every Monday and Wednesday I would drive from Durham to Greensboro to serve as a student chaplain for homeless individuals and low-income families. My job description was brief andContinue Reading

In my life, retreats have been important to break away from the busyness and noise of my suburban world. But taking a full weekend away is difficult to schedule, which means that I have to find places of retreat near my house. Having learned the need for solitude in myContinue Reading

What is the first calling in a father’s life? What is the most difficult calling in a father’s life? I don’t presume a definitive, authoritative answer here, so instead I’ll offer a personal response based on my experience. My answer is the same for both questions- receiving grace. Before IContinue Reading

The word ‘father’ has always carried a double meaning for me. At church, many people call me Father Jack. At home, my children call me Daddy. I was ordained a priest only two years before our first child was born, so learning how to be a priest and a fatherContinue Reading