Hello again, my friend. If you’re reading these words, you definitely qualify as a committed reader of my blog. It’s been exactly 1,114 days since I last posted an article on KnoxPriest. I’m grateful to have you back. It’s good to be writing in this space again. So what happened?Continue Reading

Why does it seem that every new autumn is shorter than the last? The distance between summer’s end and the advent of winter narrows as one ages. It’s a difficult reality because for many, myself included, autumn is their favorite season of the year. The first stretch of chilly nightsContinue Reading

In my final year of seminary, I served as a pastoral intern at a wonderful nonprofit organization called Greensboro Urban Ministry. Every Monday and Wednesday I would drive from Durham to Greensboro to serve as a student chaplain for homeless individuals and low-income families. My job description was brief andContinue Reading

In my life, retreats have been important to break away from the busyness and noise of my suburban world. But taking a full weekend away is difficult to schedule, which means that I have to find places of retreat near my house. Having learned the need for solitude in myContinue Reading