What is the first calling in a father’s life? What is the most difficult calling in a father’s life? I don’t presume a definitive, authoritative answer here, so instead I’ll offer a personal response based on my experience. My answer is the same for both questions- receiving grace. Before IContinue Reading

The word ‘father’ has always carried a double meaning for me. At church, many people call me Father Jack. At home, my children call me Daddy. I was ordained a priest only two years before our first child was born, so learning how to be a priest and a fatherContinue Reading

As this calendar year draws to a close, what will you remember? In some form or fashion, that’s become the dinner conversation my wife and I have on New Year’s Eve. I imagine some version of that conversation happens widely among couples, friends, and families as the year ends. EachContinue Reading

This year Father’s Day and Trinity Sunday occur on the same day. We are all familiar with Father’s Day and many Christians in America are discovering holy days like Trinity Sunday when we celebrate that our God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s not often that these two observancesContinue Reading

Last week I finished reading Sarah Lewis‘ excellent book on the creative life entitled The Rise: Creativity, The Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery. I highly recommend the entire book, but I’m especially interested in one of the final chapters of the book, entitled “The Grit of theContinue Reading